Latvijas studentu apvienība

About LSA

Student Union of Latvia (LSA) represents the interests of all of those studying in Latvia, on a national and international level. The organization is an important partner of higher education policy makers in matters that concern students. The role of LSA is corroborated in the Law on Institutions of Higher Education. The organization is a member of European Students’ Union (ESU).

Long-standing remains the Union’s slogan: “Studentu lieta – taisna un cieta!”

In accordance with the Law on Institutions of Higher Education, student councils form Student Union of Latvia for student representation and expression of standpoint. Student Union of Latvia is a collegial union of student councils, consisting of representatives of all accredited higher education institutions’ student councils.

The Student Union of Latvia (LSA):

  1. Gives opinions on students interests regarding normative act projects;
  2. Nominates student representatives to The Council of Higher Education and other institutions following the set normative acts;
  3. Ensures local student council representation in foreign countries;
  4. Solves other students’ representation issues within its competence.


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