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Fill out the survey on the 20-hour work limit for non-EU undergrad students!

The Student Union of Latvia has created a survey on the 20-hour work limit for non-European undergrad students to understand the situation on living conditions and overall study experience in Latvia. 

This survey is being conducted to determine the impact of the Immigration Law, which imposes a 20-hour work limitation on non-European international undergrad students in the Republic of Latvia (Imigrācijas likuma 9. panta 51 daļa – Immigration Law, Section 9 (51).

The questionnaire explores the implications of work limitations, aiming to uncover these students’ academic and socio-economic consequences. 

If you are a non-EU undergrad student, please fill out the survey! Your participation is crucial in shaping changes that would enhance the accessibility of higher education. 

The survey is anonymous and the data obtained will be used only in an aggregated form, for thorough policy evaluation and strategic planning.

The survey deadline is February 9th, 2024.

Time required to fill out the survey – 5 – 7 minutes.The survey is available here.

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