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Foreign students left without means of living can receive assistance

The Latvian parliament has adopted a law which allows foreign students who are left without means of living to be assisted by the social service agencies of local governments during the emergency situation and one month after its ending.

Students can be assisted by a social service agency if they:

  • are left without means of living,
  • are staying in Latvia during Covid-19 crisis,
  • are studying remotely,
  • have registered their stay in a local government in Latvia,
  • and have a temporary residence permit.

If you are currently in Latvia, you can be assisted by the social service agency of the local government in which you have registered your stay. Unfortunately students who have not registered their stay in any municipality in Latvia are not eligible for assistance. Your higher education institution (HEI) should be able to help find a social service agency in your municipality.

Social services have been informed that foreign students might seek help, and should be able to provide services in English. If possible, students should visit a social service agency together with a HEI student service staff member to avoid miscommunication due to a possible language barrier.

In case there are problems that the student, HEI staff members and the social service cannot solve, we ask you to contact the representative of the Ministry of Welfare Liesma Ose (67782953;

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