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LSA Council approves the BOM Resolution on “Students at risk: integration of Ukrainian students”

On September 23rd the Student Union of Latvia (LSA) held its Council meeting where the Baltic Organizational Meetings (BOM) developed a resolution “Students at risk: integration of Ukrainian students” was unanimously approved, indicating the necessary support mechanisms for strengthening integration in the societies of the Baltic countries, along with the higher education system.

This year, from 8th to 10th September, BOM was organized in Latvia bringing together   representatives of student interests and rights from LSA, the Student Union of Lithuania (Lietuvos studentų sąjunga – LSS), and the Estonian National Federation of Students (Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit – EÜL).

During the discussions topics such as the influence of the geopolitical situation on the development of the Baltic countries, also mentioning the analysis of project sustainability and mainly the exchange of experience with the integration of Ukrainian students in higher education institutions were held, concluding that it is necessary to approach the integration challenges from different perspectives. 

The resolution emphasizes that “BOM takes a stand for the availability of support mechanisms for any student, not based on their placement of stay, nor on the status in society to which they belong”, indicating the wide range of issues to be managed and the part of society exposed to them. During the discussions, delegations pointed out the need to increase the attention of student representatives, university personnel, and policy makers to such mechanisms as the availability of mental health care for students at risk, promotion of belonging to the student community, breaking stereotypes that potentially shape the general attitude of society.

Get acquainted with the BOM resolution in Latvian and English!

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