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If you observe or experience misconduct in your higher education institution, report it!

If you report a violation, the Student Union of Latvia will examine it and, if necessary, forward it in an anonymised form to the student self-government of the relevant higher education institution or to the relevant institutions.

In cooperation with the Ombudsman’s Office, the Student Union of Latvia would like to point out that every report of unwanted conduct of a sexual nature will be forwarded to the Ombudsman’s Office in order to process the report as efficiently as possible and find a solution to the reported violation.

For other violations, the Student Council or the management of the higher education institution will be informed in order to address the complaint.

If support is not available in your higher education institution, then we encourage contacting one of the following organisations.

Centre “MARTA”

Tel: +371 67 378 539
E- mail:

Crisis and counceling centre SKALBES

Tel: 116123
Tel: +371 6 7222922
Tel: +371 2 7722292

Association of LGBT and their friends MOZAĪKA

Tel: +371 28440340

Information and support for crime victims or crime witnesses

Tel: 116006
Every day from 12:00 to 22:00

In case of questions:

Alens Aleksandrs Čerņa
Latvijas Studentu apvienība / Student Union of Latvia
Adrese: Meža iela 1-k1, Rīga
Mob. tālrunis: +371 29 112 113

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