Latvijas studentu apvienība

Student-expert pool

The Student-expert pool of The Student Union of Latvia is a system meant for the training, preparation, delegation and maintenance of the information system for student-experts. The objective of the pool is to keep track of student-experts and others interested in the external quality assurance of higher education.

The upcoming assessment visits you may participate in:

To sign up for the evaluation visit, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page!

The upcoming accreditation evaluation visits you may participate in:

The upcoming licensing visits you participate in:

Requirements to become an expert:

To apply as a candidate, you must meet these basic requirements:

  • Be a student in an accredited higher education institution in Latvia
  • Have sufficient Latvian and English knowledge to communicate freely and compose documents
  • There is no conflict of interest according to the methodology of study fields affirmed by the Academic Information Center Committee for Accreditation of Studies.

If you fulfill the basic requirements, the LSA Board evaluates candidates based on the criteria arranged by priority:

  • Have previously participated as an expert
  • Have previously participated as an observer
  • Study in a program, which matches the study field of the program under evaluation
  • Study in a program, which matches the study level of the program under evaluation

More information you can find in the LSA regulation „Par Latvijas Studentu apvienības Studentu – ekspertu tīkla darbību un pārstāvju deleģēšanu ārējiem studiju kvalitātes novērtēšanas procesiem”

About the evaluation of quality:

Accreditation is the external evaluation of quality of a higher education institution or program. Accreditation gives rights to an institution to issue a state-acknowledged education document for acquiring the appropriate education program. At any one time, only one student-expert and one student-observer can participate in an accreditation.

Licensing evaluates the compliance of a higher education institution with normative documentation to find out whether it is suitable for implementing the study process. The licence is a mandatory prerequisite to begin implementing a study program. By issuing a licence, the state vests the higher education institution with power to implement a study program. Students can participate in a licensing only as an observer.

Students-experts with have to actively participate in the quality evaluation process, as well as in writing the joint report. Experts are rewarded for their work.

As an observer, the student participates in the quality evaluation process as an observer and he does not have the obligation of writing the joint report. Observers are not rewarded for their work.

Information in this section is updated regularly. More information about the student-expert pool and evaluation visits you can get by contacting the Academic Affairs Officer of LSA Kristafers Zeiļuks (e-mail or call +371 25860895).

Application form for evaluation visits:

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