Latvijas studentu apvienība

The Student housing guide is now available!

The Student Union of Latvia has developed a student housing guide to help incoming international students find a suitable and comfortable place to live when starting their studies in Riga.

In consultation with international students, it was concluded that moving to a new city can be a great challenge if the possibilities of local housing and the procedures for obtaining it are not known.

The purpose of this guide is to provide clear and accessible information on different housing choices, including dormitories, apartments and shared accommodation. The guide focuses on recommendatory guidance when renting a home, which is the so-called part of the process to pay special attention to. 

The student housing guide has two versions:

  1. The short version: with only the necessary information. Find it here.
  2. The detailed version: with the complete information about the housing process. Find it here

The handbook will provide both a more convenient way to find housing, as well as help students to focus on their studies and get to know the city of Riga better.

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